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Discover La Citadelle Daycare

Our Headmaster & Founder

Alfred Abouchar B.Sc, B.Ed, M.Sc, M.Ed.

Nestled within the highly reputable K to 12 La Citadelle private school, in the vibrant and culturally diverse community of North York, our Daycare provides children with a nurturing environment akin to a home away from home, where they can spend their days engaged not only in playing but in learning under the guidance of trustworthy Early Childhood Educators and Teachers. At  La Citadelle, we understand the challenges faced by working parents in securing reliable and safe childcare and have created a Daycare Centre that not only adheres to the regulations set by the Ministry of Education in Ontario, but that also aspires to provide children with a rich and immersive learning experience from an early age. Drawing inspiration from renowned Pre-Kindergarten facilities across the globe and capitalizing on the facilities of La Citadelle, such as its gymnasium, its art room, music room, computer lab, and K-12 bilingual library, we offer a curriculum that fosters curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking skills to our young learners. Through engaging activities, interactive play, and supportive guidance from our dedicated and trained educators, we aim to prepare children to embark upon their Junior and Senior Kindergarten years and lay the groundwork for a lifelong love of learning and exploration. Over the years, our Daycare has consistently received high praise from parents, reflecting the trust and satisfaction they have in our programs and services. A testament to our commitment to excellence is the number of Daycare students who have chosen to continue their educational journey at La Citadelle at the K-12 school, with many graduating in Grade 12 with the highest credentials. These achievements not only validate the quality of education we provide, but also speak to the success of our students in gaining admission to prestigious universities and earning scholarships. By nurturing a supportive and stimulating learning environment, we empower our students to excel academically and reach their fullest potential, paving the way for bright futures filled with opportunities for higher education and professional success. It should be noted that La Citadelle Daycare is not a babysitting service. Rather, we as educators are your dedicated partners in the early education and foundational development of your child. Your commitment to collaborating with us is essential to ensuring your child's success and growth during their time with us. Whether it is attending parent-teacher conferences, engaging in school activities, or communicating openly with our teachers and staff, your partnership plays a vital roles in shaping your child's early years and laying the foundation for their future academic achievements. At La Citadelle, our Daycare is the starting point within our school and we value the trust and collaboration of our families and are committed to working hand in hand with you to ensure that your child receives the highest quality early education and care. Together, we can empower your child to reach their full potential and embark on a lifelong journey of learning and growth.


La Citadelle Daycare

At La Citadelle Daycare, we cherish and value each child as a unique individual with incredible potential. Our warm and inviting environment is carefully designed to provide a positive learning experience, where children can thrive with joy and determination. Through play and the guidance of our trained staff, we nurture curiosity, initiative, and independence, fostering self-esteem and decision-making abilities. We encourage respectful interaction among children and regularly update our program to adhere to the latest regulations and principles of early childhood education. With open communication among educators, staff, parents, and the community, we continually enhance our program. Our Daycare comprises two age groups: Prep-Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten, catering to a maximum of 24 preschoolers, with space available for up to three toddlers.

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Holistic Education

La Citadelle Daycare provides holistic education, guiding children to explore their identity and purpose. By fostering community connections and offering real-life experiences, we ignite a passion for learning. Our collaborative approach encourages wonder and reflection. Embracing individuality, we empower each child to realize their unique potential. We invite you to join us on this educational journey of curiosity and collaboration!

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Vashtee & Kevin

“My wife and I selected La Citadelle after perusing their booth at one of the Our Kids private school expos and also attending two open days at the campus itself.   We have been very impressed with the new location as well as the inclusive, community driven, safe and welcoming environment for a multi-faceted and wholesome bi-lingual education of our son.”


“La Citadelle is an extension of the home.  It is a close-knit family of parents, students and staff who come together to provide a high standard of academics, social and emotional well-being for its children.  We are happy to see both our children advancing toward bilingualism and couldn’t be happier with our choice of school”


“Our child has been attending LCA since JK and not only do we love this school but more importantly our child does.  LCA provides our child with a holistic education that focuses on a bilingual curriculum within a warm and friendly family-oriented environment”
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