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Welcome to
La Citadelle Daycare

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Our Philosophy

La Citadelle Daycare is dedicated to providing a distinctive and enriching educational experience for children. Our program fosters an engaging and interactive play-based environment, where caring relationships among children, educators, and families take precedence. We prioritize creating a welcoming atmosphere where children feel at ease to participate, express their ideas, socialize, and enjoy themselves. At La Citadelle, we embrace and celebrate the diversity of our classrooms, ensuring that each child feels valued and included. In our Daycare, we focus on unlocking each child's full learning potential. We recognize children as active contributors to their surroundings and natural problem solvers. Learning is viewed as an active journey, with exploration and interaction serving as vital components for a child's growth and development. Our devoted staff acknowledges that each child progresses at their own pace, providing personalized support and guidance throughout their educational journey.

Inclusive Education

At La Citadelle Daycare, we warmly embrace and welcome every child into our community. Our primary objective is to cultivate inclusive environments that prioritize the well-being of all children under our care. Diversity lies at the heart of our values. We firmly believe that the diverse backgrounds and languages of our children and families enrich our community in profound ways. To ensure equity, we offer racially sensitive and culturally appropriate services, ensuring that everyone has equal access to our programs. We are dedicated to fostering an environment that honors and celebrates the beliefs, values, and traditions of all individuals. At La Citadelle, we deeply appreciate the social, cultural, and economic strength that arises from embracing ethno-racial and linguistic diversity.

Hands On Learning

We believe that children are inherently curious and possess innate problem-solving abilities, actively engaged in their journey of learning. To them, learning is an exhilarating adventure where exploration and interaction with their environment serve as vital components in their growth and development. While there exists a general sequence of development that all children follow, we acknowledge that each child advances at their own pace and in their unique, individualized manner.


Our Daycare Is Designed To:

Promoting children's holistic development requires nurturing positive interactions and effective communication among them. Additionally, supporting their self-regulation skills fosters emotional and behavioral control. Encouraging exploration, play, and inquiry empowers children to learn through hands-on experiences. Providing opportunities for child-initiated activities while offering teacher support as needed is crucial. Lastly, fostering authentic and enduring relationships within the program helps children develop social skills and a sense of belonging.

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