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Our Program

Develop Communication

Play serves as a powerful avenue through which children acquire a diverse array of skills. They develop the ability to make choices and learn to recognize and respect the needs and emotions of others. Encouraging children to integrate their home vocabulary into the daycare environment fosters communication about significant individuals in their lives and promotes bilingual interaction through greetings in both French and English.

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Learn & Play

We facilitate children's language and communication skill development by encouraging them to incorporate new vocabulary during play. Our staff poses open-ended questions to enhance understanding and introduce new words alongside familiar ones, seamlessly integrating them into conversations. Our primary goal is to create a comfortable and supportive environment where children feel confident expressing their thoughts, interests, feelings, and needs. Here, they can thrive and learn at their own pace within a dynamic and engaging setting.

Play: The Primary Way Children Learn

Children thrive in an environment where play is central to learning, which is why our Daycare prioritizes a fun and interactive play-based approach. Our curriculum features a blend of indoor and outdoor activities, encompassing both group and individual play, as well as teacher-guided and child-led learning experiences. We incorporate dynamic and quiet periods to accommodate varying needs and preferences. Our overarching aim is to support children in exploring and comprehending themselves, others, and the world they inhabit.

Outdoor Play

At La Citadelle, we recognize the significance of outdoor play in children's learning and growth. Year-round, we promote outdoor activities that provide valuable learning opportunities and health advantages. Participation in outdoor play stimulates creativity, refines motor skills, and fosters a connection with nature. Our vigilant teachers and staff consistently monitor weather conditions to ensure the comfort and safety of all children. Depending on weather conditions, outdoor playtime may be adjusted to maintain children's engagement and enjoyment. We are committed to offering a comprehensive and enjoyable learning environment for all our young explorers.

Early Childhood Educators & Teachers

At La Citadelle Daycare, our dedicated team of educators, known as “lead teachers”, are the cornerstone of our commitment to providing high-quality early childhood education. With certified degrees and extensive training in early childhood education, they bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our daycare. These passionate professionals play a pivotal role in designing our curriculum, ensuring that it caters to the developmental needs of children from infancy through school age. What makes our team truly special is its diversity. The La Citadelle Daycare/Kindergarten Panel consists of young individuals, reflecting a wide spectrum of backgrounds and experiences and united by our shared dedication to providing exceptional care to every child in our care. Continuous learning is at the heart of our approach. Each staff member participates in regular training sessions throughout the year, staying up-to-date on the latest developments in education and childcare in Ontario and globally. Moreover, every team member is certified in CPR and First Aid, ensuring a safe and secure environment for all children entrusted to us.


Helping Children Develop Talents By:

In our music program, children engage in a variety of activities aimed at enhancing their musical skills and appreciation. These include:

  • Participating in class sina-a-longs

  • Exploring vocal abilities through creative vocal play

  • Listening attentively to identify music elements in songs

  • Expressing themselves through movement and dance in response to auditory cues

  • Playing instruments in response to different musical elements

Through exposure to a diverse range of musical styles, children are encouraged to actively listen, sing, play instruments, and move in novel ways, facilitating their overall physical and cognitive development.

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